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Diary from the expedition Martin Minarik, Dodo Kopold, Petr Masek 2008

Summary 4-16 October

Summary Oct 4 - 11 At the start...
Three and half days Martin, Miska, Dodo and porters marched in wet jungle. "It looks like nobody has been here since 1950", Martin wrote. Oct 8 they reached 3900m, the start of the way, and built base camp. Puja ceremony, trip to French BC, Chess Grand Prix Annapurna, lasting bad weather. Next days they planned climbing strategy, checked the icefall terrain and spent a night under the face.

Oct 12 - Sunday in BC
Martin wrote: "Walking down the icefall is much easier then up. Temba´s Sunday lunch was great. Now coffee and sunbath. Tomorrow rest day."

Oct 14 - C1
Early morning they went up, reached C1 at 5200m. "Oxygen Spa! It´s hot! Dhaula, Fang and Nilgiri protect us against the wind".

Oct 15 - C2
Twelve hours of hard work to 6000m, C2 built late evening. Very difficult climbing, fixing impossible, "we survived a few serac barriers".

Oct 16 - 300m higher
4 p.m. they reached 6300. Like yesterday, very difficult. Strong wind is seen on the ridge, but they are still in protected area. "Some serac barriers climbed, some ahead of us..."

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The plan

Petr Masek, Dodo Kopold and Martin Minarik met in Jomosom on Saturday morning, each of us with basic aklimatization already done. We are leaving for Lete this afternoon and start hiking to base camp tomorrow morning. We plan to start climbing around October 10.

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